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Free Poppy Patterns: The prettiest patterns from around the web!

The prettiest free crochet poppy patterns

Poppies are beautiful, wonderful flowers, and easy to make. We've pulled together a great list of free poppy patterns for you to enjoy. Poppies are so popular because they remind us of bravery in service. They commemorate the people we admire. And so, it shouldn't surprise you that there are a lot of poppy patterns out there. We're happy to bring the best of them to you.

The story behind the Remembrance Day poppy is pretty amazing. Craft these beautiful poppies to keep or to share with those you love. This year, it's even more important to take time out to remember the important things.


The red color of a poppy is unlike any other!

The Remembrance Day Poppy Origin

The Remembrance Poppy is an artificial flower sold by veteran's associations to raise money for servicemen and servicewomen.

The modern Remembrance Poppy has been trademarked by veteran's associations in many jurisdictions, particularly in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth nations, where sales fund the associations' services. Small remembrance poppies are often worn on clothing leading up to Remembrance Day/Armistice Day, and poppy wreaths are often laid at war memorials. In Australia and New Zealand, they are also worn on Anzac Day.

Promoted by women like Madame Guérin and Moina Michael, Remembrance poppies are mostly used in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, all of which are realms of the Commonwealth of Nations—to commemorate the servicemen and women killed in conflict. They are used to a lesser extent in the United States.

You can learn much more about these enduring symbols and the brave service people and conflicts they represent by visiting this Wikipedia page and reading more about Armistice Day and Anzac Day.

You can create your own Remembrance Day poppies with our free patterns, which we're happy to share with you! Wear them in honor of loved ones.

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Free Poppy Patterns

1) Remembrance Day Poppy by Pookie Doodle Crafts

2) “Lest We Forget” Poppy by KandiPandi

3) “Remembering You” Poppy by Tammie Goldthorpe

4) Remembrance Poppy by Nina Tearney

5) Poppy Design 3 of 3 by Bob Wilson


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6) Button Poppy Flower by Maggie

7) Remembrance Day Poppy Pattern by Moara

8) Letterbox Anzac Poppy by Bridget A.

9) Tunisian Poppy Flower Applique by Crafting Happiness

10) Remembrance Poppy Brooch by Crafting Happiness

11-15) Poppies, 5 Versions by Suzanne Resaul of loopysue Designs

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