5 Things Only Yarnies Can Understand

Yarnies are a wonderful, creative, and strange bunch. You'll hear us laughingly (and often-times guiltily) talking about our stash, discussing things like weight, sheen, and loft. We may also sneak into the house with those skeins of yarn we absolutely didn't need but Just. Had. To. Have.
Now, “Yarnie” isn't really an authentic fiber arts term, so don't look for a definition anywhere. There simply wasn't a word that adequately describes how many crocheters and knitters feel about yarn. “Yarnie” is a mashup of “yarn,” and “groupie,” and it perfectly describes us beautifully different, magnificently creative yarn connoisseurs.
So, with that in mind, I asked around Ravelry to share the things only other Yarnies would understand and these were some of their responses… Enjoy!

This comment:

I smell yarn, too. And smoosh it. And rub it against my face.

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Happily Hooked - 5 Things Only Yarnies Can Understand

This conversation:

Me: “I need fingering weight yarn.”
Him: (picks up a skein of Red Heart Super Saver) “This won’t work?”
Me: “No, no, no… fingering weight is much thinner than that.”
Him: (looks at the yarn and thinks for a minute) “Couldn’t you just untwist the strands in this and use the individual strands?”
Me: (giving him a “what are you talking about?!” look) “Oh, honey, no. Just… no.”

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This confession:

I feel really proud of myself for only spending enough for ‘free’ shipping. I will spend $20 more than I need to for free shipping.


This bit of planning:

“My local yarn store is collecting tampon boxes so that women who need to sneak their yarn into their house have a nearly fool-proof place to hide it!”

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