5 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade Your Hooks

5 reasons to upgrade your crochet hooks

Did you learn to crochet on Boye or Susan Bates aluminum crochet hooks?
So did I!
They’re functional–they do the job. But if you’re spending more and more time making better and better projects…
It might be time to move up to some next-level hooks.
I recommend getting something with a soft, rubber grip. Here’s why:

Create longer

Do you deal with hand fatigue? Joint pain? When you keep your hand clenched over a narrow hook, it’s bound to happen.
The benefit of a comfort grip is that it allows your hand to stay in a more open position. This reduces stiffness and pain in your joints, which means one very important thing…
You can craft longer! 

Finish more projects

Crafting longer naturally leads to the next benefit. If you’re in this just for the process…the repetitive, comforting rhythm of the stitches…finishing projects might not be that big of a deal.
But if you’re creating for:

  • Gifts
  • Craft fairs
  • Blogging and design

Then productivity matters!
Taking care of your hands by using the best tools for the job is essential to getting things accomplished.

Get more joy from your practice

So many of us crochet as therapy when overcoming physical pain or mental and emotional issues. Art is a solution for us. The last thing we want is for it to become a problem.
Whether you’re creating for therapy or relaxation or just funsies…
pain-free time is worth the investment. If crafting is your happy place, it won’t take long for chronic pain to start robbing you of your happiness.

Prevent future pain

If you’re young enough…hand pain during crafting might be a non-issue.
But pain isn’t the only problem. We all know that repetitive tasks can lead to carpal tunnel. It can aggravate conditions like arthritis.
Starting with safe tools early in life can help prevent future pain so that you can grow your practice over a lifetime.

Look more professional

You’ve watched plenty of YouTube crochet videos, right? If they aren’t using elaborate, custom-made hooks, they’re at least using professional, comfort-grip hooks.
If you’re creating tutorials or videos for your website…a quality set of comfort-grip hooks will give a professional polish to your content.
The bottom-line is…if you’ve advanced your skills beyond the beginner level, it’s time to go beyond beginner level tools.

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