5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Crochet Hook

Every crocheter knows that your crochet hook makes a huge difference in how long you can crochet, and how happy your hands are while you finish up a big project. If you’re finding that at the end of the day, your hand is sore, or you can’t get very much done, it might be time to upgrade your crochet hook!

1). Crochet Longer!

If you have ever crocheted a project for any length of time, you will recognize the symptoms of cramping and fatigue.
20160116-DSC_0637 –get this hook here!

Using a crochet hook with a comfortable handle can make a HUGE difference in the amount of time you can crochet, and can ease some of the stress on your hand as you work. An ergonomic handle gives you something more to grip, and allows the muscles in your hand to relax more than they would holding a skinnier handle. Take a look at the hook above. The handle is much easier to grip when it gives you more to hold on to!

2). Reflect Your Personality!

The wonderful thing about Polymer Clay handles (shown here) are that you can get a wide range of styles and colors, which we LOVE!

20150831-DSC_0098 -get this set here!

The Happy Crochet Hooks shop is full of hooks designed with everything from flowers to granny squares, and they go on sale regularly.

3). Size Makes a Difference!
Boye or Bates? Full Sized or Key Chain Hook?

Ah, the age old crochet question. BOYE or BATES? What do we mean? Boye hooks are TAPERED hooks, they have a rounded edge to them. Bates hooks are INLINE crochet hooks, that have a deeper cut to the head than a tapered hook. If you find that you are having a hard time keeping your stitches on the hook, you might try switching from INLINE to TAPERED, or the other way around. Give them a try to find out what style suits you the best.

hook14 (inline hook) 20160718-20160718-DSC_0972 (tapered hook)

keychain (keychain hook)


4). The Grip Matters!
Long Handle or Short Handle?

One good thing to keep in mind when you are finding the right hook for you, is how long the Comfort Grip of a handle is, and how best it suits you and the way you hold your hook.

long short

You can order a Standard handle that leaves the thumb handle  of the hook exposed, or you can order a Long Handle, that gives you a longer grip to hold on to.

5). You deserve it!

You crochet A LOT. And when you crochet, you need to be comfortable! Upgrading your hook to one that will last, and make crocheting easier couldn’t be more important!

20151128-DSC_0083 get this hook here!


I hope you enjoyed this post!
Happy Crocheting!



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