5 Great Gifts! Gift 3 Will Make You Mom’s Favorite!

perfect gifts for crochet moms

Finding the perfect gift for mom, especially if she crochets, isn't easy. There are so many hooks and so many types of yarn — can you say “overwhelming”?! You KNOW she wants gadgets or yarn, but her tastes are very specific.

We bring you 5 perfect gifts that moms (or anyone) will love. These gifts will also earn you favorite child status!

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Mom Gifts 1 and 2

Yarn Swift and Yarn Winder

yarn swift crochet gift
Moms who also use yarn. And when they use yarn, they usually need to wind it, especially if they get really nice yarn (hint, hint: gift #6?). There are several ways to do that, but the absolute easiest and most tangle-free way to do so is by using a pair of tools called a yarn swift and a yarn ball winder (or yarn cake winder).

yarn winder mom giftdivider

Mom Gift 3

Very Bright Lighting

bright light crochet gift for mom

Now, trust me when I say that even though you THINK your mom can see her crochet just fine, a bright light is a gift she'll appreciate. Whether it's a small, clip-on LED light like the one shown here. Or, an adjustable light that goes around her neck, or even a larger fashionable LED floor lamp, she'll thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Believe me! Dark yarns and tough stitches make regular lighting seem like the dim corner of a cave when you're trying to figure out a frustrating pattern. But, when she flicks a switch and it all comes into focus, she'll think of you with a smile.divider

Mom Gift 4

Tabletop Organizer

tabletop organizer gift

Creatives need a few things to complete a project besides yarn. They are hooks, scissors, and yarn needles. But, they have a lot more notions than that, like custom hooks, tape measures, stitch markers, pens and pencils, bobby pins, buttons, stress balls, highlighters, bookmarks, and maybe even a chopstick (for stuffing corners) or two. And who knows what else?

Enter the tabletop organizer, otherwise known as a makeup organizer, acrylic item display, cosmetic storage case, or one of many other names. You get the idea. Mom needs something to organize her stuff in so that it isn't rolling off the end table and so it's all within easy reach. Call it what you want … but get it and she'll be appreciative!divider

Mom Gift 5

happily hooked tshirt

If your mom loves to crafts, chances are, she'd love some swag to show off her craft. Tshirts, mugs, hoodies, workbags, and so on. Of course, we have an entire store full of things like that! Cozy fleece sweatshirts, big and small mugs, cute pillows … something for everyone.divider

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We've shared 5 of the 10 gifts that our YouTube guru Sam recommends in her YouTube video, the Top 10 gifts FOR Crocheters!! For more ideas for the mom who crochets, check out the full list in her video!


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