Are You Losing Precious Time? Hack 4 Surprised Even Us!

5 crochet time hacks

Hacks that will give you more time? That sounds miraculous, doesn't it? But really, these are just simple changes you can make that will save you precious time that you might otherwise waste when you COULD be crocheting!

Think about it … how much time do you waste fiddling with tricky stitch markers that won't go on or come off easily? How much time do you waste trying to find the right hook for a project that you put away a while ago and are just getting back to? How much time do you waste trying to find good scissors or hooks to travel with? And does your hand start to ache after a while? Now add all that time up and you'll understand just how much time you could save with our …

5 Hacks That Will Give You More Time

Hack #1 – Get some lettered stitch markers

lettered stitch markers hack

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If you are the type of person who has multiple WIPs going at any moment, a set of lettered stitch markers is a must. When you are ready to put away your project, simply mark it with the letter of the hook you used. When you return to that project, you will easily remember the needed hook and you’ll be able to pick right up where you left off. Think of the time that would be wasted if you were to put away your project and forget which hook you used. You can find this product on Amazon here, or similar products on Etsy.

Time saved per episode: With this hack, at least 5 minutes of looking up the pattern and finding the hook. I didn't realize the brilliance of it until I had a bunch of projects going at the same time.

Hack #2 – Get some open hook stitch markers

open hook stitch markers
open hook stitch markers hack
I use my beaded, non-locking stitch markers, especially when marking the first stitch of a round. These slide in and out of stitches quickly so they don’t slow me down. The blunt edge doesn’t snag the yarn. These work great for amigurumi and for hats that are worked in continuous rounds. You can purchase this set here at Amazon. You can find other custom sets at Etsy. HINT: Some people swear by bobby pins. Yes. Plain old bobby pins. Why not?

Time saved per episode: Well, it depends on how tricky you find those little buggers. But, I know that I get pretty frustrated with some of those little lobster clasps and even those plastic numbers irk me. I've tried a bobby pin on my latest WIP and I actually like it! But I'm going to get myself some more of these gorgeous beaded ones. Time saved? At least a few seconds per marker and that adds up.


Hack #3 – Get your very own sharp scissors and hold on to them

sharp vintage look scissors

Every crafter needs a sharp pair of scissors to keep to themselves. My absolute favorite for sharpness and ease of cutting is this pair of vintage scissors. Sharp cutting makes for easier and quicker weaving in of ends. Bonus: they are incredibly gorgeous! You can find these right here in the Happily Hooked store.

Time saved per episode: It depends on how many kids you have that steal your scissors all the time. I tuck mine in my bag. And if your scissors aren't sharp, you might as well go into therapy right now. Time – about 3 minutes of scissor hunting per session, and then about 5 minutes of yelling time at whoever took them.


Hack #4 – Get some cool travel hooks

travel crochet set hackcrochet hook flipset hack

Time is precious. I know you carry yarn in your purse or a project bag to various appointments, especially if there will be some waiting involved. Now, what happens when you get stuck waiting and you forgot yarn or a hook? It usually isn’t pretty. This quick hack will save the day because it's so portable! Brilliant! You’ll never have another emergency. This is available on Amazon. And let's face it, there is a cool factor to this that's, well, cool.

Time saved per episode: With this hack, at least 10 minutes each trip from hunting down hooks that you might be ok with losing if it comes to that. But if they're already in another project, you'll have to mark that project with the hook you were using, unless you have lettered stitch markers we noted above.



Hack #5 – Get some ergonomic hook handles

hh crochet hooks

These hooks are expertly made and feel wonderful. Since I have been using them, my grip has relaxed and the yarn slides off my hook. You can craft longer and more comfortably. And, you can get them right in our store! Or, get them for free when you sign up for a Happily Hooked membership! If you want to learn more about hooks, check out this article.

Time saved per episode: When your hands start to hurt, you put your crochet away. But with these, that doesn't happen, so you get all that time back! HOURS!!

strings of yarn

By the way, when you sign up for a membership, you get this lovely project bag, along with the ergonomic hooks

happily hooked free crochet hooks

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