5 Gift Ideas for Ultimate Crocheter

We all know someone who crochets right? If it’s not you, it’s probably a good friend or family member. Sometimes we crafty people like to buy crafty gifts for others too! Do you ever find it is hard to pick the perfect gift for a crocheter? Frankly, we all love yarn, but probably have every size hook imaginable. Sometimes, and I cannot believe I’m saying this, yarn just won’t do! Lucky for you, the team at Happily Hooked Magazine has a few great ideas for the perfect gift!


1. Happily Hooked Print Issue

Happily Hooked Magazine is available in single print editions! A magazine or two would make a fantastic gift for that very special crocheter in your life. Who am I kidding, maybe you should treat yourself to one too! They are filled with a variety of amazing patterns but hold a special theme each month.


2. Rubber Hooks

Rubber Hooks are a perfect gift for someone who crochets A LOT. They help prevent the hand and wrist pain; they are super light and very convenient for summer. First of all: They are light and travel-friendly; Secondly, when hot summer comes, you will be able to have a hold of your hooks as they won’t be slipping out of your hands.




3. Tote Bag

These spacious bags make the perfect gift for that yarnie friend of yours! They are big enough for a larger project and great for on the go crafting. Plus, it has a POCKET inside. How awesome is that? Fill one up with yarn and slap on a bow!


4. Mugs

Just being honest here, most of my late evening crochet sessions are fueled by caffeine. These mugs would make a great gift with a small skein of yarn and a hook nestled inside!


5. Gift Cards

Lastly, if you are in a hurry, or cannot figure out what to present your crochet companion with, there is always the gift card option! Craft store gift cards are pretty darn fabulous!



Happy crocheting,

Happily Hooked Team

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