5 Crochet Hacks That Will Give You More Crochet Time

If you are the type of person who has multiple WIPs going at any moment, a set of lettered stitch markers is a must. When you are ready to put away your project, simply mark it with the letter of the hook you used. When you return to that project, you will easily remember the needed hook and you’ll be able to pick right up where you left off. Think of the time that would be wasted if you were to put away your project and forget which hook you used.

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I use my beaded, non-locking stitch markers especially when I am marking the first stitch of a round. These slide in and out of stitches quickly so they don’t slow me down. The blunt edge doesn’t snag the yarn. These work great for amigurumi and for hats that are worked in continuous rounds.

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Every crafter needs a sharp pair of scissors and I have tried many different brands. My absolute favorite for sharpness and ease of cutting is this pair of vintage scissors. Sharp cutting makes for easier and quicker weaving in of ends. Bonus: they are incredibly gorgeous!


Crochet time is precious. I know you carry yarn in your purse or a project bag to various appointments, especially if there will be some waiting involved. Now, what happens when you get stuck waiting and you forgot yarn or a hook? It usually isn’t pretty. This quick crochet hack will save the day because it can attach to keys! You’ll never have another crochet emergency.


These stunning hooks are expertly made and crocheting with them feels wonderful. Since I have been using them, my grip has relaxed and the yarn slides off my hook. There are all types of floral, geometric, and abstract designs in a variety of colors.

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