5 Crochet Accessories You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

You walk into a craft store, and you see the hook, the yarn, and the scissors. They are the same ones you always see, and the same ones you already have. But did you know there is a whole world of crochet accessories out there? Fun printed hooks, stunning stitch markers, and more? Take a look!

1.Polymer clay-handled crochet hooks:

Once you switch from a traditional Boye or Bates hook over to a hand-crafted, clay-handled hook, you will never look back. A non-handled hook causes you to squeeze your fingers tightly. Frequent crocheting can also cause pain in fingers, wrists, and shoulders. The thicker handle on a polymer clay-handled hook helps you crochet longer and that’ s what we all want! You can take your favorite Boye or Bates hook and get a new ergonomic (and really gorgeous) polymer clay handle. The thicker polymer clay handle is much easier to hold and helps you relax your grip and you can choose a long handle or a standard handle depending on your preferred grip.

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2. Key-chain hooks:

Do you recognize these scenarios? You are waiting in the pick-up line at school but the kids don’t get out for 15 more minutes. Or you might be stuck in a waiting room at the dentist’ s office and he is running very behind. Anytime you are out and about and need to crochet on -the- go bring along a key-chain crochet hook. You won’t drop it or lose it in the car (which happened to me all the time before I got my key-chain hook).

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3. Lettered stitch markers:

I usually have more WIPs than I can count on my fingers going at any given time and they each are using a different size hook. It’s no good when I pick up a project and forget what hook size I was using. Enter lettered-stitch markers to save the day! When I need to put a project down, I simply attach the letter of the hook that I was using and later when I work on it again, I can pick up right where I left off.

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4. Travel scissors:

Scissors are a tricky business, especially while traveling. You can’t just throw a pair into your purse since they might poke through, not to mention poke you while you are grabbing your wallet out. I found these small scissors with an adorable cover for that sharp point and I’m not really sure how I ever lived without them. Now that I have my key-chain hook and my travel scissors, I really can really bring my crochet with me everywhere.

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5. Non-locking stitch markers:

I used to only use stitch markers that had a locking clasp but I came across some stitch markers that will slide gently through my stitches without locking. I still love my other stitch markers but this set is perfect to use while I’m working in continuous rounds and I need to always mark the first stitch of a round. This stitch marker comes out quickly and doesn’t slow me down. The dull point also doesn’t snag my yarn! And bonus: you can also get a matching hook! Everything is right in the world when my hook matches my stitch markers and my yarn.

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I hope you enjoy some of these new goodies!
Happy Crocheting,

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