Happily Hooked 30 Days of Crochet Challenge

Happily Hooked 30 Days of Crochet Challenge

Everyone loves a challenge!  The team over here at Happily Hooked Crochet Magazine is SO excited to start the Happily Hooked 30 Days of Crochet Challenge!
How do you play you ask?  Download this picture and save it!  Every day, post your challenge to Instagram or Facebook (while you're there, give us a like and a follow!) and use the hashtag:


That's it!
Did we mention the prizes!?  Yes, there are prizes.  The lucky winners will receive free yarn!  So post those pics, and remember to hashtag #HappilyHooked30DaysofCrochet!  This crochet challenge is going to be fun and give everyone a much-needed break from the madness of staying at home!

Happily Hooked 30 Days of Crochet Challenge – Photo Challenge!

Don't worry if you're starting a little late to the party!  That is okay.  You can start the challenge any day.  We cannot wait to see your beautiful faces!



April 1 – Crochet in the Sun

This one is simple enough!  Take a picture of you in the sun crocheting

April 2 – Wrap Yourself Up!

Sam is wrapping herself in her burrito blanket and crocheting. Wrap yourself up and snap a selfie!

April 3 – Rainbow Colors

Crochet anything in rainbow colors, snap it, post it!

April 4 – Yarn Selfie Saturday

Self-explanatory!  Take a selfie with your yarn stash!

April 5 – Weirdest Crochet FO

What is an FO, you ask?  FO is short for a finished object, so grab one of your favorite completed projects and snap a pic!

April 6 – Crochet Something Tiny

Grab your hooks a little yarn and whip up something tiny today.  Check out our post on free poppy patterns here. P.S., they are tiny ;).

April 7 – Yarn + Your Favorite Drink

Get creative!  What is your favorite drink?  Coffee, tea, wine, water, or whatever suits your fancy!

April 8 – Use Yarn Scraps

This one is a little stash buster!  Grab some scraps and get crocheting!

April 9 – Throwback

Post an old, finished object

April 10 – Crochet with Your Favorite Show

Netflix and Crochet!  Post a pic of you with your favorite show in the background.

April 11 – Crochet Something for the Pet!

This one doesn't have to be complicated, but something fun for the pet like a bow tie!

April 12 – Anything Easter!

Show us your Easter projects, anything from eggs, to blankets, have fun with it!

April 13 – Favorite Craft Project

Not crochet related, this one is to showcase your craft skills!

April 14 – Show Us Your Fav Hook

Do you have a favorite crochet hook?  Post a pretty pic and remember to hashtag it!

April 15 – Yarn Stash Selfie

We want to see the best picture of your yarn stash!  You can be in this one too if you so desire!

April 16 – Crochet In Your Jammies!

Fuzzy footed jammies! Unicorn onesies!  We want to see them all.

April 17 – Crochet with Cheese

Okay, okay, yes, cheese.  If you happen to be a vegan, crochet with your favorite cheese substitute <3.

April 18 – Gift for Your Significant Other

Crochet a little something for that particular person in your life.

April 19 – What's on Your Hook?

It's all about showing us your current WIP (work in progress).

The next 6 days of the crochet challenge are all about color!  Crochet with the following colors and show us those pics:

April 20 – Red

April 21 – Orange

April 22 – Green

We mixed up the rainbow just a little because today is Earth Day!

April 23 – Yellow

April 24 – Blue

April 25 – Violet

April 26 – Crochet a Pretzel

Crocheting a pretzel may be a little challenging, but this can be a small amigurumi pattern or even a graph pattern

April 27 – Your Favorite Colored Yarn

What's YOUR favorite color?  Show us that yarn, and it can be anything you want–variegated, ombre, or solid!

April 28 – Crochet in a Cape or Mask

It's National Superhero day!  Do you have a mask or cape lying around in that Halloween box?  Break it out, throw it on, and snap a picture.

April 29 – Crochet with Favorite Music (Video Bonus)

Are you feeling excited yet?  Post a picture or video of you crocheting to your favorite music or band.

April 30 – A WIP You Will Never Finish

We all have one (or 20) projects that we just can't seem to finish. Let's see it, then do yourself a favor and rippit!  rippit!  rippit!

Thanks for playing the Happily Hooked 30 Days of Crochet Challenge!  Bookmark this page and come back to see some of our favorites!

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