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When I started researching this article, I must say I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to find the runways covered!  Designers from Valentino to Dior are grabbing their hooks. How exciting is this?!  Crafters around the world are doing a happy dance and so are we.

“This is the season of yarn!”

~ Samantha Brunson of Mason Dixon Knitting

In this post, we will show you all the trending colors, color tools, mood boards, wares, and inspiration to make 2020 the year of success for your shops, friends, and family – or just for you!

What’s Trending in the World for 2020?



The dresses on the runway are certainly cute, stylish, and interesting.  I say interesting because as a designer I love seeing new and creative designs.  These do not disappoint.  “This is not your grandmother's yarn,” seems to be the quote runway critics are using for these colorful designs, and they are right.
The colors remind me of tasty ice cream, like rainbow sherbert (my fav).  Of course, our Etsy Shops and Shopify stores can't compete with the Paris runway…or can they?!  Yes, I say, yes we can, and I look forward to seeing your runway-inspired designs.

Pants & Shorts

In 2020, long pants are fun, funky, airy, and free-flowing and jumpsuits are back!  The best trend of the ’70s and happy to see them making a comeback.  There are so many colors and yarn possibilities with these cute jumpsuits.



Accessories are perhaps my favorite thing to make.  They work up fast, and as seen below, you can use a variety of yarns, twines, and raffia.
You'll probably recognize some of these stitches too.  I see Solomon's Knot on the Miu Miu bag, what stitches do you see?  Leave a comment below.  I've already seen a design inspired by the blue Altuzarra bag below.  I cannot wait to see more!
According to Vogue, crochet accessories are hot in 2020 and included in their Top 11 Accessory Trends of Spring 2020

Crop Tops

Do crop tops ever go out of style?    These runway tops are bold, chunky, and fun.



Headbands are a great way to feel the accomplishment of conquering a WIP!  According to Moogly, who wrote this nice article for Yarnspirations about her 2020 trend predictions, headbands will be all the rage in 2020.  What do you think?
I love headbands because they work up so fast and give me the sense that I've accomplished something.

Crochet Headbands, Photo by Yarnspirations

Crochet Headbands, Photo by Yarnspirations

St. Patrick's Day is coming up, this one is super cute.  Designed by Nicole at She's Got the Notion and it's a free pattern.

Shamrock Headband by Nicole

Shamrock Headband by Nicole

2020 Trending Colors

Every year, Pantone releases its Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter colors at New York Fashion Week.  It’s an exciting time for designers everywhere.  Head over to your local yarn store and grab these up and coming colors before they start selling out because they definitely will!  The Color of the Year is Classic Blue (the largest circle below).
We have an entire issue dedicated to this color and looking for some great patterns to fill it up!  Check out the submission call links at the bottom of the post.  You can also take the colors from the graphic below and put them into the color pallette generators (below) to get some great color combos!

Pantone 2020 Colors, Photo by Happily Hooked

Pantone 2020 Colors, Photo by Happily Hooked


Spring/Summer/ Fall Colors for 2020

The color trends for this Spring and Summer are an eclectic mix of deep blues to olive greens.  There are a few beautiful neutrals thrown in the mix to create some beautiful color combinations.
The Fall colors are a mix of earth tones speckled with bright oranges, and subtle variations of the Pantone colors.  Read more about the inspiration behind these color boards by Yes Style here.

Flash Color Combos by Yes Style

Flash Color Combos, Graphic by Yes Style

Dose Color Combo by Yes Style

Dose Color Combo, Graphic by Yes Style

Ethos Color Combos by Yes Style

Ethos Color Combos by Yes Style

Genisis Color Combo by Yes Style

Genisis Color Combo by Yes Style

Happily Hooked's Mood Board Inspiration

Mood boards are a great way to gather inspiration, lift the spirits, and bring out all the feels.  Happily Hooked has put together a fun mood board of all the 2020 crochet trends and colors trending this year.
Head over to Pinterest and get some inspiration!

(click photo or link) to Follow us on Pinterest and check out our

2020 Crochet Trends Inspiration Board

Happily Hooked 2020 Crochet Trends Pinterest Board

Happily Hooked Picks – Submission Calls

Are you a designer?  We are always looking for fresh and fun designs to fill the pages of our magazine and would love to see your work!
We have a few mood boards of our own and you can check them out on our submission call page.  Grab some inspiration from our mood boards and get the hooks out!  Don't be scared, you got this!

Go Green! Earth Day

Earth Day Mood Board by Happily Hooked Magazine

Earth Day Mood Board by Happily Hooked Magazine

Light & Lacy

Light & Lacy Mood Board by Happily Hooked Magazine

Light & Lacy Mood Board by Happily Hooked Magazine


Home Sweet Home Mood Board by Happily Hooked Magazine

Home Sweet Home Mood Board by Happily Hooked Magazine

Color of the Year – Classic Blue


Color Palette Generators

Do you like playing with color?  We do!  Here are some very cool color palette generators.  What is a color palette generator you ask?  it's a tool that helps you find complementary colors and helps you determine which colors flow together.  They are a lot of fun.

Adobe Color

Adobe Color



Coolors + Skillshare – this one requires a login


We hope you enjoyed seeing all the beautiful 2020 trends and this year's hot colors!  If you enjoy this post, please share it!  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.
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