15 Creative Yarn Storage Ideas

Yarn Storage Ideas by Happily Hooked Magazine

We've all been there – a ton of yarn laying around with no rhyme or reason to our yarn obsession.  Over here at Happily Hooked Magazine, we set out to find 15 of the most creative yarn storage ideas to get your stash looking beautiful! 

In spite of our best efforts, the yarn stash grows and grows.  Not only does a bunch of yarn laying around create clutter, but it also clutters the creative process right?  How are we supposed to create crochet magic if we can't focus on what is most important, your beautiful yarn!

I asked the team to share their favorite yarn storage ideas and this is what they came up with!  Everyone has a different flair to storing and organizing their yarn, from storing it in shelves, cubbies, bins, & pegboards to piling it up in wall hammocks. 

15 Creative Yarn Storage Ideas

1.  DIY: Felt & Pegboard

Pegboard yarn storage is a popular trend right now, indeed, because it is so beautiful.  Storing your yarn on pegs using this felt method gets it off the ground, as well as makes it so easy to see and reach too.  The best part is you don't have to wind them into a ball because the skeins fit perfect in the felt.

Photos by Remodel Move

Photo by Remodel Move

2. Diagonal Shelves

I came across these interesting shelves on Wayfair and they are unlike anything I've seen.  I can imagine yarn overflowing in a good way on these shelves, and they are perfect for yarnies that have a small yarn stash.  You can find them here.


Photo by Wayfair, Diagonal Shelves

Photo by Wayfair, Diagonal Shelves


3.  Old Suitcases

Old suitcases make the perfect yarn storage for small stashes and a great way to creatively display your yarn.  In addition, they make it easy to grab your stash and take it with you!  If you have trouble finding some old suitcases, there is some good news!  I found some at Walmart in a set of three.


4.  Bohemian Corner Crochet Hammock

Of all the creative yarn storage ideas, these crocheted hammocks are my favorite.  They are so beautiful and the best part of using this type of storage is that you can make it yourself!  This pattern is available on Etsy by Miramar Woods.

Photo by Miramar Woods

Photo by Miramar Woods


5.  Wooden Crates

Wooden crates as yarn storage give an earthy feel to organizing the stash.  There are several ways to stack them too or you can attach them together and create a wall hanging.  I searched around and found some for sale on Etsy here.

Photo by The Crochetier

Photo by The Crochetier




6.  Hexagon and Triangle Shelves 

These hexagonal shelves are so unique and different for yarn storage options.  Similar to the diagonal shelves, they are a part of a group of geometric shapes that add the perfect creative accents to your home decor and great for a tiny house!  I found these on Etsy too, and if you want to support small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, definitely check these out here.


7.  Large Coffee Cans

Using large coffee cans is a perfect way to store your yarn stash, especially if you are an avid recycler.  It's a great way to repurpose those cans.  Although attaching them to the wall may be a little cumbersome, with a little ingenuity, (and lots of screws) they would be a cool wall art piece!

Coffee Can Yarn Storage

Photo by DIYs

8.  PVC pipes

Honestly, the thought of using PVC to store yarn is a bit out there for me, but I imagine this would not cost a lot of money to make, and with a little hot glue, you'd have a pretty artsy looking yarn storage shelf in no time at all!  Adriana Avellar's site goes into details about how to make this, however, it is in Spanish, but the pictures speak a 1000 words.

PVC pipe yarn storage

Photo by Abavellar

9.  Geometric Bookcase

I'm a bit of a sucker for symmetry and mixing functionality with beauty.  These geometric shelves fill that sense of order and feel like they would make for the perfect yarn storage. I found these over on Wayfair and the price tag isn't going to break the bank for the amount of storage you get!

Geometric Yarn Storage Shelf

Photo by Wayfair, Okane Geometric Bookcase



10.  Tree DIY Book Shelf by Instructables

Okay, guys!  This one is my absolute favorite.  Why?  Well, look at it!  It's a tree, and completely amazing.  This one is definitely going on the list to create for my studio.  The coolest part about this DIY shelf is that there are printable instructions on how to make it yourself.  You can find those here.

11.  Peg Boards

I mentioned using pegboards for yarn storage in #1 on this list.  However, that was using felt.  This is a pegboard using JUST pegs and yarn.  Again, this is a big project to take on, but as you can see below, the end result is just gorgeous.  Courtney says she organizes her yarn by color too and organizing by color looks, well, incredible.

Although this looks spectacular, it takes a little work to get it looking that good.  So grab yourself a yarn winder, because you'll be winding all your skeins into balls to create a look like this

12.  Lawyers Cabinet (aka Barrister Cabinet)

Okay, so I was looking on the marketplace and came across one of these for $20!  I was floored, but consequently, it was scooped up pretty fast :(.  So I started searching around for one because they are beautiful.  These cabinets will keep your yarn free from dust, and the glass makes them perfect to see your stash easily too. The downside?  They can be really expensive unless you keep an eye out for one that is cheaper.  I found a great page on Pinterest dedicated to them too!

13.  Vintage Cabinets

A vintage cabinet may be hard to come by, however, I've found searching the local marketplace on Facebook is a great place to score!  You may be able to find something similar at your local thrift or antique stores too.  These cabinets not only keep the dust off but give the yarn stash a little mystery too.

14.  Shoe Storage

Hmmmm, storing yarn in shoe holders?  That is definitely a creative way to store it!  These are the less expensive option of course and a lot easier to hang on the wall than shelves.

Shoe Holder Yarn Storage

Photo by

15.  Spiral Shelves

Spiral shelves are esthetically pleasing and add such an interesting flair to yarn storage.  I searched around for more wicker shelves like the one pictured below, but couldn't find one.  I did, however, find a gorgeous board on Pinterest with some incredible spiral shelving ideas, check those out here.

Wicker Spiral Yarn Storage

Photo by Feedutricot



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