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15 cool and unusual yarn storage solutions to consider

15 yarn storage solutions by Happily Hooked

It's time to talk about yarn storage. Again. You craft, so you have yarn. Probably a LOT of yarn. A WHOLE lot of yarn, in a whole lot of places. Beautiful, beautiful yarn. 

Despite our best efforts, the yarn stash grows and grows. Not only does a bunch of yarn laying around create clutter, but it also clutters the creative process right? How are we supposed to create magic if we can't focus on what is most important, our beautiful yarn?!

Everyone has a different flair for storing and organizing yarn: shelves, cubbies, bins, pegboards, wall hammocks, and more. But, it really depends on how you want to deal with your yarn. Do you want to see it all the time? (I do! I love looking at it!) Do you need to keep it close by but protected? Or do you just want a place to throw it when you're trying to clean up? 

(By the way, here's some advice: Be prepared to spend some time when looking at solutions online. It's a rabbit hole. But WORTH it! Fair warning! ~MAK)


Just like a real in-person visit to IKEA, I got lost in the store for a VERY long time looking at their awesome storage solutions. Sigh.

In any case, crafters are as creative with their yarn storage as they are with their crocheting. So without waiting any longer, I bring you:

15 Creative Storage Ideas

Quick Cleanup Yarn Storage Solutions

Let's start with some convenient ways to store yarn. You won't need to worry about organizing your stash too much when you go this route. These solutions are great for those of us who love to have our yarn nearby and ready for quick projects.

We don't want to spend a lot of time when it comes to cleanup. With these unusual yarn storage ideas, your room will look great, and all you did was toss your yarn into an old suitcase, a felt loop on the wall, or a beautiful hammock. Simple, smart, and quick.

1 – DIY: Felt & Pegboard

Pegboard yarn storage is beautiful. Storing your yarn on pegs using this felt method gets it off the ground, and makes it so easy to see and reach. Balls, skeins, or cakes — each fit into the felt loops just fine as is. 

Pegboard felt yarn storage solutionPhoto courtesy of Remodel or Move

2 – Vintage Suitcases

Old suitcases make cute yarn storage for small stashes and are a great way to creatively display your yarn. In addition, they make it easy to grab your stash and take it with you! If you have trouble finding some old suitcases, check second-hand shops, Goodwill, and even Etsy. You'll feel better about repurposing these traditional goods!

vintage suitcase for yarn storage solutionPhoto courtesy of The Crochetier

3 – Bohemian Corner Crochet Hammock

These hammocks are a definite favorite. They are so beautiful and infinitely customizable because you pick the yarn to work with. This pattern is available on Etsy by Miramar Woods.

Corner crochet hammock for yarn storage solutionYou can easily customize this solution by choosing your yarn colors to complement your room.

It would be wrong of me to not mention: We have tons of great patterns for baskets, bags, and totes — plenty of yarn-holding options at Happily Hooked. Check out the Stash The Rainbow Basket and the Pop of Color Basket from a recent issue. Consider becoming a member for excellent patterns like these every month! (Even more when you become a lifetime member.)

Protected Yarn Storage Solutions

Now let's move on to a few setups that do more for your yarn. These next three yarn storage solutions help keep your yarn safe from fuzzy feet and fangs. You know who I mean — our little “helpers” who can't resist a moving ball or dangling strand of yarn. 


Sorry, but you know it's true. And if it's not cats and kittens, it may be dogs or puppies, or even adorable little humans. In any case, Let's see what we have for you!

4 – Glass-front cabinet (ex: Barrister or Lawyer's Cabinet)

These cabinets will keep your yarn free from dust, and the glass makes them perfect to see your stash easily too. The downside? Barrister cabinets can be really expensive.

However, any cabinet with shelves and glass doors can accomplish the same function. Keep your eyes open for interesting pieces You never know what you'll find to showcase and protect your yarn, whether you find it on an online marketplace or a neighbor's garage sale.

glass front cabinet for protected yarn storage solutionPhoto courtesy of Photo by Secondhand Furniture

5 – Vintage Cabinets

A vintage cabinet may be hard to come by. But, try the marketplace on Facebook! And, depending on where you live, yard sales, thrift stores, and even family basements may give up a find or two. These cabinets were built to last and have a glorious charm to them. Many are sturdy metal, so take advantage of their great storage possibilities. If all else fails, maybe you can grab some metal lockers from your old high school or Amazon, even.

Vintage cabinet yarn storage solutionPhoto courtesy of Wood & Wool Stool

6 – Hanging shoe storage pockets

Yes! Easy peasy. These are a much less-expensive option, of course, and a lot easier to hang on the wall than shelves. Or, buy the over-the-door option. Or buy both, why not? They are inexpensive enough. I found the mesh version so air can flow around my yarn, and it's still protected from you-know-who.

shoe pockets for hanging yarn storage solution

Photo courtesy of felt4u.com

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Organized but Open-Access Yarn Storage Solutions

So, let's move on to organized solutions for your yarn stash with storage you can easily access and maintain. After all, you need to be able to actually find your yarn if you want to use it. (Because it sucks to buy yarn you already have by accident, right? Well, it does if you're on a budget.) 

These solutions are open-air bookcases, shelves, and crates. The main point here is that you can EASILY get at your yarn to keep it organized. There are a few solutions we'll look at a bit later that are really neat, but not so easy to maintain: the “yarn as art” solutions. But for now, let's check these out.


7 – Diagonal Shelves

I came across these interesting shelves on Wayfair. I can imagine yarn overflowing in a good way on these shelves, and they are really nice for yarn lovers that have a small yarn stash. You can find them on Wayfair and Amazon, as well as other furniture stores. The smaller size allows you to easily organize your collection. 

diagonal bookshelves for open access yarn solutionsPhoto courtesy of Wayfair

8 – Wooden crates

Wooden crates as yarn storage give an earthy feel to organizing the stash. There are several ways to stack them or hang them on the wall and create shelf-like storage. Search for these at markets, grocery store delivery docks, home stores, and on Etsy.

wooden crates for yarn organizingAny setup of repurposed boxes or crates can help you organize your yarn and store it.
These dinged-up crates make it so much more attractive!

9 – Sleek shelves with or without baskets

These modern shelves are so unique and different for yarn storage options. They're great for a smaller space and you can even use bins on them to hold more yarn if needed. I found them on IKEA for a very reasonable price. And don't overlook other options at IKEA. They are incredibly affordable, especially for organizational bins, boxes, and so on

LACK shelves from IKEAThese IKEA shelves (model: LACK) are great for a smaller place. Stack yarn freely or put baskets on them.

10 – Geometric Bookcase 

I find this bookcase really simple but beautiful. Now imagine it filled with skeins of yarn in all different shades. Whether you organized them by color or not, it's going to be beautiful. It's really modern, and you can even stack your books here and there. If this particular bookcase isn't your style, pick one that is, and use it for your yarn stash. You get the idea. 

KALLAX shelf unit IkeaPhoto courtesy of IKEA: KALLAX Shelf unit

Storage solutions that showcase yarn as art

These last few storage solutions are not as practical as the ones we've seen so far, but they sure do look cool. The problem with these beauties is that they are too difficult to manage, either because you can't remove a single skein of yarn without having to rearrange the entire setup, or because they store too little yarn to be very helpful, or because they require too much effort to create. There's no denying the wow factor, however, so if you're in the mood, you may want to experiment with these fun takes on yarn storage.

11 – Spiral wall shelves

Spiral shelves are esthetically pleasing. I searched around for more wicker shelves like the one pictured here, but couldn't find one. Admittedly gorgeous, this shelf looks great! But, I imagine trying to take down any of the yarn without messing up the rest and I think I wouldn't be able to manage (but that might just be my clumsiness). Pretty nonetheless.

spiral shelf yarn art storage Photo courtesy of CÉLINE – FÉE DU TRICOT

12 – Large coffee cans

Using large coffee cans is an interesting way to store your yarn stash, especially if you are an avid recycler.  It's a great way to repurpose those cans. Although attaching them to the wall may be a little cumbersome, with a little ingenuity (and lots of screws), they would be a great wall art piece! They do look cool!

coffee cans art yarn storage solutions

Photo courtesy of Leethal.net

13 – PVC pipes

Honestly, the thought of using PVC to store yarn is a bit out there for me, but I imagine this would not cost a lot of money to make. So, with a little hot glue, you'd have a pretty artsy-looking yarn storage shelf in no time at all!  Adriana Avellar's site goes into detail about how to make this in Spanish, but most web browsers will translate. 

PVC pipes holding yarnPhoto courtesy of Adriana Avellar.

After we first posted the idea, I came across a very similar one that would work better for me. There's some confusion as to whether the material used is larger PVC pipe or individual trash bins from a store like Family Dollar. Either way, It's the same idea and holds a lot more yarn, so it's very practical. I love it! ~MAK

yarn in trash bins from dollar storePhoto courtesy of Wren's Nest Cottage Flickr, Asheville, NC

14 – Tree DIY Bookshelf by PatrickW51 at Instructables

Okay, guys! This one is my absolute favorite. Why? Well, look at it! It's a tree and completely amazing. This one is definitely going on the list to create for my studio. The coolest part about this DIY tree bookshelf is that there are printable instructions on how to make it yourself. You can find the project here.

tree bookcase made DIYThis is an incredible DIY project. Photo courtesy of PatrickW51 at Instructables

15 – Pegboard and pins

I mentioned using pegboards for yarn storage in #1 on this list. But that method used felt pockets, too. This pegboard method uses just pegs and yarn to create a one-of-a-kind art piece. Again, this is a big project to take on, but as you can see, the end result is just gorgeous. If you like to organize by color, this could be for you!

Although this looks spectacular, it takes a little work to get it to look that good. So grab yourself a yarn winder because you'll be winding all your skeins into balls to create a look like this. This is a definite can-do for anyone who has a lot of gifted yarn and who isn't worried about keeping labels, etc. It is spectacular, isn't it?

pegboard and pins yarn art wall

Photo courtesy of Ashlea at Heart Hook Home

Your creativity is showing!

There are so many great yarn storage ideas out there, and these are just a few we found that were especially creative. But almost anything can store yarn, and as long as it works for you, it works for your yarn. For more great ideas, visit our Happily Hooked Members-Only group on Facebook and start a conversation! 


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