13 Awe Inspiring Crochet Projects!

If you’re like me, you LOVE to see other people’s crochet work! And if you’re also like me, you enjoy a bit of a challenge! Take a look at these amazing crochet designs that will inspire you to make your own and be the envy of your friends and family!

#1). The Dylan Afghan by Sincerely Pam!

dylan-afghan-by-sincerely-pam –get the pattern here!

#2). The Flower Garden Throw by Just Be Happy Crochet!

flower-garden-throw-by-just-be-happy-crochet –get the pattern here!

#3). The Goody Gumdrops Coatigan by Blackstone Designs!

goody-gumdrops-coatigan-by-blackstone-designs –get the pattern here!

#4). The Heartbeat Chevron Throw by Crafting Friends Designs!

heartbeat-chevron-throw-by-crafting-friends-designs –get the pattern here!

#5).The Penny Purse by Sincerely Pam!

penny-satchel-by-sincerely-pam –get the pattern here!

#6). The River Rose Pillow Cover by Keep Calm and Crochet On UK!

river-rose-pillow-cover-by-heather-c-gibbs –get the pattern here!

#7). The Robot Sleeping Bag and Pillow by Briana K Designs!

robot-sleeping-bag-pillow-by-briana-k –get the pattern here!

#8). The Sally Skulls Bag by Divine Debris!

sally-skulls-bag-by-divine-debris –get the pattern here!

#9). The Serenity Blanket by Two Brothers Blankets!

View More: –get the pattern here!

#10). The Sunflower Rug by Ryan Hollist!

sunflower-rug-by-ryan-hollist –get the pattern here!

#11). The Teetering Towers Blanket by Felted Button!

teetering-tower-blanket-by-felted-button -get the pattern here!

#12). The Very Winter Cable Cardigan by Ana D!


get the pattern here!

#13). Women’s Houndstooth Coat by A Crocheted Simplicity!

womens-houndstooth-coat-by-a-crocheted-simplicity –get the pattern here!

If you plan on working on any of these big projects, we’ve made some great Work In Progress Labels for you to keep track of your hook and yarn! You can download them for free by adding your email below so we can send you the PDF.

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Happy Crocheting!


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