11 Crochet Quotes That Will Make You Laugh

There is nothing like a good quote on a bad day to make us laugh. Here is the compilation of the most liked ones on our Instagram account.
From us to you. Hope it will put a smile on your face 🙂

1. I do not run from my problems. I sit on the couch, crochet, and ignore them like a normal adult.

2. My problem is not that I buy too much yarn. It’s just that I shop faster than I crochet.


3. The more time I spend with other people, the more I realize I’d rather be home with my hook and yarn.

4. Any questions asked while I’m counting stitches will be answered with LOUNDER COUNTING!

5. All I really want is a never ending supply of yarn and an island where nobody can bother me.

6. I just want to crochet cute things, have plenty of sleep and have my house stay totally clean. Is that really too much to ask?

7. It started out as a harmless hobby… I had no idea it would come to this.

8. My crochet time is sometimes for your safety. Remember that.

9. Just pour me my coffee, hand me my crochet, and slowly back away.

10. Well, maybe yarn is addicted to me! Ever thought of THAT?

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11. Keep calm and remember you can crochet after work.


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