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10 Most Unusual Crochet Hacks That Will Make Your Crochet Life Easier! Step by Step

Hey guys!  It’s Tasha, the friendly neighborhood crochet geek.  I’m so excited to bring you a few fun and unusual crochet hacks.  You may have heard of some of them, and maybe not?  Either way, there is bound to be one that will help make your life a little easier.

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here they are…

The 10 Most Unusual Crochet Hacks that will Make Your Crochet Life Easier!

How to soften scratchy yarn


Oh yes, there is a way to soften scratchy yarn.  You know the yarn we are talking about – scratchy, itchy, and not very nice.  Here are a few steps to making that scratchy yarn soft:


Step 1:  Rinse in cold water.

Step 2:  Shampoo blanket, rinse out twice.

Step 3:  Saturate with hair conditioner and let it sit for while (at least an hour).

Step 4:  Throw it in the gentle cycle (or hand rinse).

Step 5:  Throw it in the dryer but remove it while it is still slightly damp.

Step 6:  Lay flat and shape to continue drying.


Save Money on Printing Patterns by Placing them in Plastic Protectors


Printing out patterns from PDF’s takes a lot of ink – we’ve all been there!  We also like to mark those patterns up with pens, don’t we?  I know I do!  It ruins the look of the printed pattern and then if you’d like to make it again, you must print out another copy.  Instead of doing that, purchase a few plastic sheet protectors and insert the pages.  Use a thin dry erase marker to make those notes and you can wipe them clean when you are finished!  You can also leave the pattern in the protectors to keep your notes safe and transfer the pattern to a pattern notebook.


Magic Knot

photo courtesy of Rafa Muse Designs

The magic knot is like a Russian join in that the goal is to join yarns without having to weave in tails.  Here are the steps to a magic knot and if these aren’t clear, check out the video by Bella Coco here.  Also see Rafa Muse Designs photo tutorial for more in-depth detailed photos.


Step 1:  Take your working yarn and tie a knot around it with your joining yarn.

Step 2:  Take your joining yarn tail and tie a knot around the working yarn.

Step 3:  Grab each piece and pull tight as both knots slip toward each other and eventually meet, keep pulling tight.

Step 4:  Snip the tails very close to the knots


That’s it!  To be on the safe side, you can use a little yarn glue to secure the knots (recommended)


Get rid of the Gaps on Single Crochet Decrease Stitches

photo courtesy of Nicki’s Homemade

This is quite the unusual crochet hack.  Nicki over at Nicki’s Homemade Crafts has a great technique of getting rid of the gaps created when we do single crochet decrease stitches (think Amigurumi)!  Here are the steps on how to do this magical crochet hack:


Step 1:  Insert your hook in the front loop of the first decrease stitch.

Step 2:  Insert your hook into the front loop of the next decrease stitch.

Step 3:  Yo

Step 4:  Pull yarn through 2 loops.

Step 5:  Then complete like a normal single crochet by yarning over and pulling through the last two loops on your hook.


That’s it!  Easy right?


Standing Double Crochet

photo courtesy of Moogly Blog

The standing double crochet stitch comes in very handy when you are working in the round and want to add a new color without using a slip stitch join.  Moogly blog has a great tutorial on it, but let’s walk through these together.

Step 1:  Holding the yarn you’d like to use in your right hand along with your hook, secure the loose end with your pinky or other finger you find comfortable.  Wrap the yarn around the hook twice.

Step 2:  Insert hook into the desired stitch, yo and pull up a loop.

Step 3:  Yo, pull through the first two loops on the hook.

Step 4:  Yo, pull through the last two loops on the hook.

Step 5:  Continue to hold the tail end, and create another double crochet

Step 6:  Continue with double crochets as normal.


This is such a great technique to learn, and will make your projects shine!


Crochet two rows at the same time!

In search of this cool technique, I came across quite a few of these tutorials.  I found one by Fiber Spider that pulled it off with a straight edge!  That’s fabulous!  Let’s go through the steps together and if you need a better visual for this, head over and check out his video here.

Part 1:

Step 1:  Chain any number of chains and add 5 chains to it.

Step 2:  Yo, insert hook in 3rd ch from hook.

Step 3:  Yo, (do no pull through)

Step 3:  Skip next 2 ch’s

Step 4:  Insert hook into the next ch

Step 5:  Yo, pull up a loop (5 loops on hook)

Step 6:  Yo, pull through 2 loops 4 times.


Part 2:


Step 1:  Yo, insert hook into side loop just under and to the left of the vertical bar, midway down.

Step 2:  Yo, insert into next ch (5 loops on hook)

Step 3:  Yo, pull through 2 loops 4 times.


Repeat Part 2 across your chain.


For Row 2:


Step 1:  Ch 4.

Step 2:  Insert hook into the second chain

Step 3:  Yo, insert hook into second stitch (5 loops on hook)

Step 4:  Yo, pull up a loop

Step 5:  Yo, pull through 2 loops 4 times


Then repeat Part 2 to finish out the remainder of your row.


Bobbins for C2C

photo courtesy of Stardust Gold Crochet

Bobbins are a necessary evil for anyone who loves to work multi-colored projects, but they can turn into a real mess!  I found some great large clothesline pins that work wonderful for clipping the yarn to your project so you can flip the entire blanket or square without tangling up your yarn!


You can also use regular old wooden clothespins (pictured below).  They work great too!



Magic Circle Made Easy


Working in the round can be challenging, but what is worse is when the hole in the center is large.  A magic circle is a technique that solves that problem by providing a tail you can pull to close that hole.  Although, some people just don’t like it because there are so many confusing tutorials on how to create it.  I came across an easy way to accomplish this and created a VERY short video tutorial to help you learn.  Can you say, “less than 2 minutes?”  by Stardust Gold Crochet


Russian Join


A Russian join is one that takes a little more time, but the end results are fabulous too!  Let’s walk through the steps here, but if you want a good visual tutorial, I found one by ChemKnits that’s helpful.


Step 1:  Take the end of the yarn from your working piece and thread a darning needle on to it (make sure you do this before you leave a few inches before you next stitch.)

Step 2:  Insert the hook through the center of the yarn and continue threading it through the center until it fills the height of the darning needle.

Step 3:  Pull the needle off, and you’ll be left with an eyelet in your yarn, the rest of the yarn will be weaved together.

Step 3:  Thread the yarn you’d like to join onto a darning needle.

Step 4:  Insert the needle into the eyelet of the yarn attached to your project.

Step 5:  Pull through.

Step 6:  Work the needle through the center of that yarn, just like you did the first time around.  Step 7:  Remove the needle, then smooth out the yarn (both pieces are now connected)

Step 8:  Pull on the loose end of the yarn attached to your project to close the eyelet, then snip off any long tails and WALLA!


Turning Single Crochet by Crystal at Crochet a Memory


The turning single crochet is used to eliminate the need for blocking or adding an afterthought border because it keeps your edges extremely straight.  This works great when you are working a single crochet graph project!  Check out the video here.


I hope you enjoyed learning some new and unusual crochet hacks!



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