10 Oops Confessions from Crochet Designers

Everyone makes mistakes. Even top crochet designers! We’ve asked them their most cringe worthy crochet ‘oops’ moments, and here’s what they said…

#1. Dr. Hottie…

“Spent MONTHS making a 12 foot Doctor Who inspired scarf for a friend who’s a BIG fan. He won’t wear it. Says it makes him too hot. (Can I ask for it back?)”


#2. Step away from the scissors…

First crochet project: after working on the art scarf for what seemed like ages, I promptly cut off all the ends (nope, didn’t weave them in). My daughter also did that for me on another FO when she was young, to help me.


#3. Would you like wine with that?

“The time I finished a very tedious, very light pink cardigan, wove in all my ends, and spilled a generous glass of red wine all over it.”


#4. Cheap tricks…

“The time I made a set of baby clothes for not-so-close friends, and heard that they said to someone else: ‘was she just too cheap to buy us something?'”


#5. Some assembly required…

“There was the time I made slippers for my Mom for her birthday. She pulled them out of the bag, looked them over, and then loudly asked “am I suppose to weave the ends in myself?” Apparently, I hadn’t gotten that far! Oops!”


#6. Get back to work…

“One time I was chatting with another designer in a group setting. We were all discussing all that goes into releasing a pattern and she replied “well, I don’t have the time you do, I have a real job too”


#7. Monkey business…

 “I had an order for 3 sock monkey hats. Finished them up and was getting ready to package them for shipping. Spilled an entire mug of coffee all over them and had to start over!”


#8. The end all be all…

“One of my first orders…finished, loved it, met the girl…as I’m handing it to her I realized I forgot to weave in some of the ends! I could have died.”


#9. The horror!

“One day I was working long color changes, so I was just cutting the previous color…except every time I would cut, I would do it to my current color…for like half the project. Differet kind of crochet horror story, but figured I would share! lmao”


#10. All in a days work…

“I had a huge stack of orders I had worked on for days. Then, my daughter spilled coffee on them. It was my fault for leaving it there and thankfully it all washed out!”


I hope you enjoyed these crochet confessions! Here’s a treat for you! You can download our 3 page sizing guide for free, and avoid sizing Oopses of your own!

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Happy Crocheting!

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