5 Ways to Attach Crochet Squares!


You’ve made a lovely bunch of crocheted blanket squares but how do you join them all together? Take a look at these 5 useful tips on how to join your squares and find one that suits you!

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Baby Shower Gifts Your Friends Will Love!


Chances are, we all know someone who will have a baby soon! Which means, you are getting invites to baby showers! These events are the perfect occasions to crochet a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime. Whether is a darling baby hat, or a comfy afghan, you will have the best shower gift…

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Hat Sizing and How To Get The Perfect Fit!


No matter the season…Crochet hats are some of the most popular projects to make, wear, and gift. They are excellent projects on which new crocheters can practice their skills. Experienced crocheters also love to pick up a hat for a quick project. In this guide we’ll help you to make sure your hats always fit…

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Bring Out the Boots


It’s boot seasons y’all! If you haven’t already, its time to pull out those fancy boots and dress them up with fashionable boot cuffs.  We’ve gathered a dozen crochet patterns in a variety of styles for you to crochet today!

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13 Awe Inspiring Crochet Projects!


If you’re like me, you LOVE to see other people’s crochet work! And if you’re also like me, you enjoy a bit of a challenge! Take a look at these amazing crochet designs that will inspire you to make your own and be the envy of your friends and family!

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What does your crochet hook style say about you?


Do you lean towards pretty flowers? How about adorable owls? What do these designs say about you? Take this quiz to see which way your tastes lean! 

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15 FREE Turkey Day Patterns


Its turkey time here my friends! I adore this holiday season, but filling my house with love, and being thankful for all that I have is very important to me. Turkey Day holds a very special place in my heart, and belly. I’m just being honest here! I’m so thankful that I get to travel…

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What to Crochet for the Craft Show


Congratulations! You’ve just signed up for the local craft show and you are excited! You need a great table cloth, you need price tags, you need laundry care instructions, and you need….CROCHET! But what do you make? What sells really well at craft shows? We’ve put together a great list of things that would be…

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New Pattern Tuesday – Hats!


This week’s New Pattern Tuesday is all about HATS! If you haven’t seen these newest designs, better grab your hook and stock your pattern library with these beauties! 

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Fun Crochet Hats for Fall


Fall is winding down quickly, but there is still plenty of time to crochet! These 6 fun hats will help you get over the hump and into Winter in no time! 

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