6 Gifts For The Crocheter Who Has Everything

We all know someone who crochets right? If it’s not you, it’s probably a good friend or family member. Sometimes we crafty people like to buy crafty gifts for others too! Do you ever find its hard to pick the perfect gift for a crocheter? Frankly, we all love yarn, but probably have every size hook imaginable. Sometimes, and I cannot believe I’m saying this, yarn just won’t do! Lucky for you, the team at Happily Hooked Magazine has a few great ideas for the perfect gift!


1.) Happily Hooked Print Issue

Happily Hooked Magazine is now available in single print editions! A magazine or two would make an amazing gift for that very special crocheter in your life. Who am I kidding, maybe you should treat yourself to one too! They are filled with a variety amazing patterns, but hold a special theme each month.


2.) Pens


I for one have a slight obsession with office supplies, especially pens! These clay barreled pens are so much fun! Anyone who crochets can always use a pen! You can customize these pens with red, blue or black ink in a variety of designs. Want to know the best part? They are refillable!


3.) Hook Size Stitch Markers

Personally, I have only met a handful of crocheters who do not have a stash of WIPs in their collection. These stitch markers help you to remember the size hook for a project, and help you keep your place. They are available in sets of 5 and you pick the letters yourself.


4.) Tote Bag

These spacious bags make the perfect gift for that yarnie friend of yours! They are big enough for a larger project, and great for on the go crafting. Fill one up with their yarn and slap on a bow!


5.) Mugs

Just being honest here, most of my late evening crochet sessions are fueled by caffeine. These mugs would make a great gift with a small skein of yarn and a hook nestled inside!


6.) Gift Cards

Lastly, if you are in a hurry, or simply cannot figure out what to present your crochet companion with, there is always the gift card option! While craft store gift cards are pretty fabulous, a Happy Crochet Hooks gift card is highly recommended!


Happy crocheting,


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