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12 Hats Gone Green

12 Hats Gone Green - Erin Blog


1.) Big Bold Cabled Slouch by A Crocheted Simplicity

Big Bold Cabled Slouch by Jennifer Pionk

Go BIG with this knit look hat! This bold cabled pattern comes in every size! Get this pattern here.



2.) Boho Chic Mosaic Slouch by A Crocheted Simplicity

Boho Chic Mosaic Slouch by Jennifer Pionk

This super cool slouch has 6 options to customize it to your liking! Get this pattern here. 



3.) Chevron Slouch by Sincerely Pam

Chevron Slouch by Sincerely Pam

Chevrons and slouch hats are so popular! Pick your two favorite colors and get the best of both in 1 hat! Get this pattern here.



4.) Da Boss Hat by ACCROchet

Da Boss hat by ACCROchet

Great texture and this hat is perfect for guys and gals! Get this pattern here.



5.) Griffin Hat by Sincerely Pam

Griffin Hat by Sincerely Pam

Keep that head warm with this chunky style hat. This pattern also comes with a visor option! Get this pattern here.



6.) Jasper Beanie by Sincerely Pam

Jasper Beanie by Sincerely Pam

This twist on a popular stitch gives your hat the look of mountains. Get this pattern here.



7.) Key Lime slouch by ACCROchet

Key Lime slouch by ACCROchet

Slouchy, earflaps, and pom poms! What more could you want in a hat! Get this pattern here.



8.) Knit-Look Cabled or Not Beanie by A Crocheted Simplicity

Knit-Look Cabled or Not Beanie by Jennifer Pionk

I love designs with options! This hat can be a plain beanie, or dress it up with a cabled braid! Perfect for men and women alike! Get this pattern here.




9.) Men’s Reversible Knit Look Beanie by A Crocheted Simplicity

Men's Reversible Knit Look Beanie by Jennifer Pionk

Here’s another hat perfect for men and women. This is the perfect hat for hunting, football games, and shoveling the driveway! Get this pattern here.




10.) Rainier Hat by Danyel Pink Designs

Rainier Hat (chunky ski cap) by Danyel Pink

The Rainier hat is a chunky hat that is thick and warm. It can be made with or without earflaps! Get this pattern here.




11.) Tribal Typhoon Toque by Glamour4You

Tribal Typhoon Toque by Glamour4You

This is the perfect hat to show your team spirit! The spiral design is amazing! Get this pattern here.



12.) Winter Waves Reversible Beanie & Slouch by

A Crocheted Simplicity

Winter Waves Reversible Beanie & Slouch by Jennifer Pionk

Not only can you make this hat a beanie or a slouch, its reversible too! Get this pattern here.


Not much for the color green? Never fear! These hats will be perfect in any color you decided to use. Gear up for the upcoming cooler months with these wonderful designs! Are you ready for Winter?

Happy crocheting,


Erin Medley

Erin is the owner of Crochet Medley, and the Publishing Assistant at Happily Hooked Magazine. A born and raised Michigander, she’s a military wife, and mother of two. Some of her favorite things to crochet are hats, cowls, and amigurumi. Crochet was introduced to her as a pre-teen, but became an obsession in 2008 when her son was born, so she opened a little shop to bring others joy! When she isn’t working with yarn, Erin enjoys her two fur babies, hockey, scrapbooking, coloring with the kids, baking, Star Wars, beading, reading, and watching true crime books or shows.

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