10 Oops Confessions from Crochet Designers

Everyone makes mistakes. Even top crochet designers! We’ve asked them their most cringe worthy crochet ‘oops’ moments, and here’s what they said…

#1. Dr. Hottie…

“Spent MONTHS making a 12 foot Doctor Who inspired scarf for a friend who’s a BIG fan. He won’t wear it. Says it makes him too hot. (Can I ask for it back?)”


#2. Step away from the scissors…

First crochet project: after working on the art scarf for what seemed like ages, I promptly cut off all the ends (nope, didn’t weave them in). My daughter also did that for me on another FO when she was young, to help me.


#3. Would you like wine with that?

“The time I finished a very tedious, very light pink cardigan, wove in all my ends, and spilled a generous glass of red wine all over it.”


#4. Cheap tricks…

“The time I made a set of baby clothes for not-so-close friends, and heard that they said to someone else: ‘was she just too cheap to buy us something?'”


#5. Some assembly required…

“There was the time I made slippers for my Mom for her birthday. She pulled them out of the bag, looked them over, and then loudly asked “am I suppose to weave the ends in myself?” Apparently, I hadn’t gotten that far! Oops!”


#6. Get back to work…

“One time I was chatting with another designer in a group setting. We were all discussing all that goes into releasing a pattern and she replied “well, I don’t have the time you do, I have a real job too”


#7. Monkey business…

 “I had an order for 3 sock monkey hats. Finished them up and was getting ready to package them for shipping. Spilled an entire mug of coffee all over them and had to start over!”


#8. The end all be all…

“One of my first orders…finished, loved it, met the girl…as I’m handing it to her I realized I forgot to weave in some of the ends! I could have died.”


#9. The horror!

“One day I was working long color changes, so I was just cutting the previous color…except every time I would cut, I would do it to my current color…for like half the project. Differet kind of crochet horror story, but figured I would share! lmao”


#10. All in a days work…

“I had a huge stack of orders I had worked on for days. Then, my daughter spilled coffee on them. It was my fault for leaving it there and thankfully it all washed out!”


I hope you enjoyed these crochet confessions! Here’s a treat for you! You can download our 3 page sizing guide for free, and avoid sizing Oopses of your own!

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Happy Crocheting!



Emily is a WAHM of 4 children. She is the Editor of Happily Hooked Magazine and Pattern Pack Pro and the owner of Em’s Corner. She spent her years before children as a middle school math teacher, but now enjoys crocheting at her kids’ sporting events and spoiling her nieces and nephews. She loves to teach her children and her nieces and nephews to crochet. When she’s not crocheting, she’s outside with her camera. She was raised in San Diego but now finds herself in the very hot Southern California desert.

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